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Happy Weekend!
We’ve been moving into our summer home in Fire Island, and so got a little behind. Sorry!
1. Here’s the blurb for the structure webinar we discussed, and you kindly offered to share it with the other members:

Free Webinar, The Foolproof Storytelling Structure Webinar,  Wednesday, June 15 at 3:00-4:00pm EST at Commaful (,)  a cool new website that hosts a variety of fanfiction, short stories, poetry and more, all shared in a picturebook-style format.  Using one of her textbooks,  The 4 Magic Questions of Screenwriting, New York University Professor Marilyn Horowitz, co-creator of Jokeonastick, an animated joke website ( will show you how to create a strong story outline every single time no matter how short or long the format is!Non-members welcome!

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