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Cam Castro is a 23 year old producer and engineer from South Florida working in Hip Hop and R&B. He is a recent graduate of the University of New Haven, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Music Industry. Cam has been producing music for about 6 years and engineering and recording artists for just over a year.

While attending school in New Haven, Connecticut, Cam worked closely with other hip hop producers and engineers Parker Irvine and Scotty White. In their basement, Cam and Parker built a recording studio where they collaborated with Connecticut based entertainment and production company CREEPA GANG Entertainment (CGE) and other artists from around the tri-state area, like Bigga, K.Dos, and Mula Guapo. During their collaborations, they created beats, recorded the artist(s), mixed and mastered the full songs, and had the music released.

Cam has also been working as an engineer and editor in podcasts for Electracast Media, under executives Mark Netter and Peter Rafelson, for the past year. His main responsibilities are organizing files and creating a dialogue edit and mixing and mastering the final cut to be prepared for a release. In addition, he was also a production intern with Dan Blanck at Blanck Records during his last semester at UNH, where he created productions and learned skills in how to catalog music and set up playlists for commercial and sync placements.

Cam is a determined, driven individual eager to learn more and grow his skills in all aspects of the music and entertainment industry. With a strong passion for music and sound and interest in filmmaking and composition, Cam hopes he can combine his skillsets to create something unique and work with artists and other creatives all around.

Job Summary:

I am looking to connect with artists and producers as often as possible, big names and upcoming, new faces. My main skillsets are in engineering and production. I really enjoy all aspects of sound creation and being able to adjust the sound(s) as needed, so I would say I have no specific field. I would really prefer to work in the music/film area, small scale or commercial and I am open to relocating (assuming it is feasible and realistic).

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