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It takes a village to make the world work. As one of the original “Village People” I am reaching out to you, my village,  to reconnect, and renew our communication after several years of global shutdown and a personal journey that has taken me quite far from my previous home and life.
For those of you who don’t know, I have spent the past several years helping care for my mom Renee up in New Hampshire, as the progression of Alzheimer’s has taken her from her home of many years and into a permanent nursing home care facility most recently.
This followed a harrowing experience at my former home of over thirty years in Manhattan, where I was driven out of my apartment by a horrendous landlord and into four years of court battles that still have not ended. I have been without a home since 2018, living in various temporary situations and dealing with the fallout from serious mold poisoning and related health issues connected to the hazardous living conditions.
I am now emerging from the pandemic spent mostly in isolation and caring for my Mom up in Maine and New Hampshire, newly freed (by Renee’s placement in nursing home care) to focus anew on my own work and life.
This is why I am reaching out to you for your help and support, including solutions, opportunities, connections, and/or helpful concrete suggestions, ideas, or inspiration.
Here is what I am looking for right away, starting the first week of September:
Live/Work Opportunity including non-medical Caretaking or Companionship
Part-Time Remote Work
Intentional Community or other Co-Living Housing Opportunity
Apartment ( for any living situation, no cats-allergic / dogs are great!)
Some ideas for possible work:
Virtual Personal Assistant ( a lot of experience); Fashion (basically anything, done it all); Proofreading/Writing; Event Planning and Hosting; Networking/Troubleshooting/Non-Profits; Elder Advocacy; Voice Over work.
My interests include Spirituality, Health, Nutrition, and Wellness, Women’s, Children’s & Elder’s Issues, the Arts, Fashion, Style, and Design,
Relationship Counseling and Voice-Overs (worked for PBS).
I have numerous advanced and master-level communication skills as well as a unique set of interpersonal skills and experience. As my close friends know (including those I have worked with) I am extremely conscientious in my interactions with others, and my intentional presence naturally inspires others around me, making them feel supported, safe, seen, and cared for.
I have wonderful references and recommendations available upon request, and you can request my summary HERE
Please most definitely feel perfectly free to share this letter with anyone you know who can be helpful.
Lastly, on the one hand, my present situation clearly involves some formidable challenges at this stage of life and it’s honestly been a very rough road.
On the other hand, life goes on and amongst my many friends and family in my village, I know there is great resourcefulness, kindness, compassion, and empathy and we feel most fulfilled in this life when we help each other to thrive in our lives.
I am here, sending word to you all, hoping you are well and thriving, and I look forward to seeing what comes next.
As always, thinking of you.
With love, gratitude, and respect,

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