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Back to School:  The Value of Experiential Learning

For centuries, formal education has been administered through a classroom format. Even today by the time children enter university or even high school, they have already been “sentenced” to hours upon hours of classroom content with little exposure to actual practice.

Last week I was on BizTalkRadio’s Frankie Boyer Show ( and Frankie asked me why higher education is veering away from experiential learning when it used to be more commonplace. Could it be because higher ed in the USA has become such a business that there is possibly a conscious effort to keep students in academia for longer? More college graduates seem to feel unprepared to enter the real world which causes them to enroll in further, or dare I say “perpetual” education (often deepening their student debt). A shift is needed from lecture-based methods to experiential learning in order to prepare students for the world in which we live.  Now it’s “back to school,” and it’s an appropriate time to look at increasing experiential learning in our education system.

Recent studies (probably by career academics!) strongly support the notion that learning through experience should be a vital part of the learning experience.

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Latest News & Events

Ravi Unites Schools Update

Chile & India: On August 29th, Ravi Unites Schools will host an interaction between high school students of The Mackay School in Valparaiso, Chile and a school in the United States which will be selected today.  I will host that alongside the students from Chile, where I am now. Then, on September 4th, I will host another between high school students at Shanti Bhavan in Tamil Nadu, India and Aurora High School in Aurora Ohio USA.  We are currently setting up more interactions, perhaps very soon, as I will be in India and hope to host one live from there.


India: I am excited to be traveling to India soon. My new global partner, New Millennium Education Partners, has invited me to speak at the Singapore International School in Mumbai on September 19th.  A few days before that, I will visit my longtime partner Shanti Bhavan–a boarding school for the poorest of the poor–to partake in a naming ceremony of the kindergarten children’s dormitory.  The building will be named “Krishna Nehru Hutheesing House” after my grandmother.

Virginia, Indiana and New Hampshire USA: Upon my return from India, I will be speaking at the Virginia School Superintendents Region VIII Annual Conference, Indiana School Boards Association and Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents annual conference, and the New Hampshire School Administrators Associations’ “Excellence in Equity” Conference

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Responses to Last Month’s Blog

A big “Thank you!” to those of you replying and sharing your thoughts on last month’s blog post (see one below from Eric).  I welcome your input and dialogue, so just simply reply to this email.

Interesting and supported statements. Please elaborate on the value of both parents providing for their kids. You state that the low population center schools have a higher benefit for kids and then state that we need to provide more counseling etc for low-income school children.   Ok, accepted, but what I do not see is that the role of both parents present, to establish and set expectations and monitor student success. Where is your data here? You are also a product of two parents and so am I. But I submit that the educators and their proponents are leaving aside this critical component of success, two parents.  In many communities that you describe, dads are often not present and the burden of the missing parent is laid on the school and its staff. In rural environments, most often, are both present in comparison to intercity and urban/suburban schools.

I won’t claim it’s a 100% fix but education(and society) has done little to promote the need and the role of both parents available for student success. We have a nation predominantly of children living with one parent for many reasons but I theorize that data would suggest 2 parents would equal a higher percentage of success.

How can we change this tide? Do we need to?  How would schools address this? I believe it’s a critical component towards success.

– Eric

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