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Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists
Artists Are The Antidote
To An Uncertain Economy
The Clark Hulings Fund is proud to announce the release of the Report on the Working Artist this week! It’s a truly groundbreaking piece of research: the first of its kind demonstrating artists’ pivotal role in our changing economy, spearheaded by our in-house Data Analysis team Daniel DiGriz and Lily Dulberg, and backed by two years of compilation and original data collection and analysis.

Get the Report in its entirety here.

The need for entrepreneurial training and peer networks for artists, as well as the potential returns from investing in the creative economy, are topics that have been considered in the art world—but in the past they have not been given the priority, weight, and significance we are now proving they deserve. The Report demonstrates exactly how CHF’s ongoing commitment to broadening the entrepreneurial ecosystem to acknowledge, welcome, and equip artists is put into action. Furthermore, the data shows the concrete and tangible outcomes that come from CHF programs—we’ve demonstrated in a replicable way that very specific kinds of programs for artists produce significant results.

It’s a watershed moment, the culmination of years of efforts by the entire CHF staff designing, implementing, and delivering learning programs for working artists and art industry stakeholders. It’s unique that a nonprofit serving the arts has a data science team, and is able to provide a philanthropic return on investment. We are in a powerful position not only to create a measurable impact in the arts and local communities and economies; but also to document that impact for our partners, donors, and stakeholders; and contribute those evidence-based findings to the culture at large, breaking down traditional silos between sectors and organizations.

Please share the Report with your contacts and make it known that The Clark Hulings Fund is setting the bar at a new level.

We are backed by the financial contributions of our invaluable supporters. To be part of CHF’s continuing innovative research, donate here.



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