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Hallo Dan, how’s your 2020 going so far?

This morning I took my dog, Leo for a long walk in the park. In the spirit of the new year (and my new Hoka sneakers), I decided to turn our walk into a run. Ten minutes in, I was on the ground after being in the line of fire of another dog who was chasing a squirrel. Sigh.

It wasn’t the ideal way to start my first day back in the office, but who actually comes back after the holidays feeling 100% revitalized and ready to take on their resolutions? I have a lot of goals, but I can’t take them on alone.

That’s why I’ve kept up my resolution from 2019 to meet with one person every week who is smarter than me about something I want to get better at. Yesterday’s meeting was with Lindsey Pollak, the brilliant mind behind the book, The Remix: How To Lead And Succeed In The Multigenerational Workplace. I left with a much clearer vision of something we’re building for CIRKEL, and I’m so glad we met up.

This new year, I invite you to bring new people into your “personal advisory board” who can contribute to your goals.

Try CIRKEL Up for 1 month for free, and you’ll be surprised how one conversation can change you. We curate each cross-generational introduction and provide all the personalized context you’ll need for an impactful connection.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll hear a story that will inspire you, or get an “in” at a company you want to apply to, or simply make a new friend you wouldn’t meet anywhere else.

CIRKEL Up is now for anyone, anywhere around the world.

When accepted, use the code WELCOME2020 for a FREE TRIAL MONTH

Upcoming events for January and February
For the resolution to bring new creativity to your career
Los Angeles January 23: Evolution of a Creative Career
An engaging roundtable discussion hosted by Carol Leflufy (Generation Jones) and Em Gladders (Millennial)
Tickets: $20
Free for Members of CIRKEL Up
For the resolution to open up about what you want in love
Phoenix February 6: Love & Sex Make The World Go ‘Round At Any Age
Hosted by Nancy Shenker (Baby Boomer), Mariah Maynard (Millennial), and Emily Lockwood (Millennial)
Featuring the hosts of Date/able Podcast and TEDx speaker Jane Fendelman, MC
Tickets: $30
Free for Members of CIRKEL Up
For the resolution to “Marie Kondo” your finances
NYC: Money Moves with Morgan Stanley
Strategizing how to spend and save at every stage of a long, healthy, wealthy life
Featuring mother-daughter financial advisors Cynthia and Morgan Newman
Tickets: $20
Free for Members of CIRKEL Up



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