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News From Your Flobel Community Network

Welcome back to school and work… or not. We hope you are staying safe and thriving. Less than 5 weeks until the November 3rd election. We are looking for volunteer poll watchers for Swing States to make sure the election is fair. Please email us if you are interested in volunteering. We are partnering with several NGO’s.

Welcome to Our New Advisors

We are so excited about the new energy and talents from our newest advisors. We are now over 1,200 strong global network of all ages and all stages. We welcome our new advisors to our global community of creative entrepreneurs:

We have a new “badge” that all advisors can add to their electronic signatures. It is:

Please help us spread the good work of our community and our social media by using the badge in your digital signatures.

Networking & Events

First Mondays

Our next Virtual First Mondays will be in this Monday October 5th. Advisor Tony Travis will be the MC and advisor Erickson Jaquez the Director. We will feature the following advisors: Hiroyuki Hashino who will give a video

presentation and show his beautiful handcrafted wood products from Japan, Dr.Sharna Striar, who will discuss “Sex During a Pandemic” , and Malek Amrani (founder of The Vice Wines) who

will be doing another virtual wine tasting . Here is a clip of Malek’s last virtual wine tasting:

You can order great The Vice wines online for delivery nationwide and get a 20% discount with the code “FLOBEL”. Malek is also offering a special package for the October tasting of 2 bottles and 2 half bottles of Vice Wine for only $68 (including shipment). Go to: to reserve your order for the special package.

Music Committee

We had a wonderful “Sage Advice” interview with iconic personal manager Barry Bergman by advisor Barry Heyman, Esq. The video is now up at

Save the Date : October 7th at 6 PM ET

“Wise and Wonderful – A timely conversation with NORMAN LEAR”

Advisor Steven Beer, Esq. and Kate Lear will be interviewing the legendary TV writer and producer Norman Lear on Wed. 10/7 at 7 PM ET. Please email for a special Zoom invite.

Miriam’s Well

Our women advisor led consulting group is looking for strategic partners and MBE’s and WBE’s seeking turnaround capital and/or M&A opportunities. Please email for more info or to submit your proposals.

Women Who Lunch 2.0

Stay tuned for our next event in October. Please email for more info.

Calls to Action

Poll Watchers Wanted:

We are looking for volunteer poll watchers for Swing States to make sure the election is fair. Please email us if you are interested in volunteering. We are partnering with several national NGO’s.

Voting By Mail

Is everyone ready to vote? Do you have your personal plan? Mail in ballots are safe (see: For info on how to vote absentee or by mail in your local jurisdiction, see:

We are still developing a social media campaign to promote Voting By Mail. It’s called #DontKillGrandma. Please email me if you’d like to volunteer.

Climate Change

Have the recent fires on the West Coast given you more reason to believe in Climate Change? We have posted some leading NGO’s on Climate Change to support as a “Call to Action” for the series. Please join our mailing list an follow same . See:

Masks & Mental Health

  • If anyone needs masks or help with anything, please reach out to us and we will try to help you. “It’s OK not be to OK” given the current reality. But together/apart )we can get through this. We have low cost therapists within our community who are doing weekly groups for as little as $20 an hour (with scholarships available).
  • Many of our advisors and their children (and grandchildren) are returning to school remotely or in person this September. We wish them a safe and rewarding new school year. Let’s hope we have some control over this Pandemic by the end of the school year. We are forming a Committee to discuss “Children and The Pandemic”. Please email: for more information or to join.
  • If anyone needs masks or help with anything, please reach out to us and we will try to help you. It’s OK not be to OK given the current reality. But together/apart ) we can all get through this as a community. We have low cost therapists within our community who are doing weekly groups for as little as $20 an hour (with scholarships available).
  • Advisor Nicole Johnson has been leading free weekly Saturday zooms to help people with mental health issues during the pandemic. Advisor Elizabeth Schneider is also running low cost bi-weekly groups by Zoom.

For further info please email

Careers & Gigs

Free Career Coaching with Advisor Shira Lotzar every Friday morning AT 9:15 AM ET.

Community Messages

Please support our 1,000 plus advisors and their good works, some of which are listed in the “community news” below.

  • Virtual Art Gallery – Our new virtual art gallery is up on our main website. Our artist for the month for October is Loren Ellis
  • ADVISOR NICOLE JOHNSON’S LAPTOP WAS STOLEN: A tragic loss as her computer is imperative to all the work she does with art, social justice, ally training and so many other things. Nicole without her laptop is like Thor without his hammer, Picasso without his paintbrush, Godzilla without a town to smash to smithereens. I was thinking it could be a really nice gift if we all chipped in and bought her a new laptop. I’ve looked into the price of her old laptop and the total comes to around $1000 with Tax. So if each of us gave only $5, we would more than achieve our goal. I’ve included the gofundme link below. With all the work she’s been doing lately, I know she’d be beyond grateful if we could come together to make this happen. She’d do it for you. She probably already has.

Dan Schneider


Executive Director,

The Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation

See Full Newsletter

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