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Hello, beautiful reader. Usually, my newsletters are targeted to the regions where I’m performing, but since now everything is either at-home-local or Internet-global, this goes out to everyone. With it I send my sincere hopes that you are doing safe and well, in every possible way.

I chose the header graphic for this email because it was the header on my website for many years. But my website has long needed a makeover, and I finally gave it one (Quarantine ProdActivity!), and sent that header into retirement. So here’s the big unveiling: MY NEW WEBSITE. If I’ve done things right it should work well on all devices (but I’m not a web designer, so if you see mistakes, feel free to let me know).

Another “someday I’ll get to it” project was uploading charts for my original songs; I finally got a good chunk of that done, too. If you’re a singer or instrumentalist looking for some new tunes, go to Music > Charts in the menu on my site.

I’ve also added a bunch of video to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. When you have time, I’d be very grateful if you’d give at least one video a listen all the way through and click the big red SUBSCRIBE button.

The main playlist is the one marked “Andrea Wolper”; if you click on that one you’ll see several new music videos, as well as a “stay home” PSA I was asked to make for Richard Skipper, and an RTVI news story about a socially distanced concert I was part of.

There’s more to tell, but this is getting too long, so I’ll follow up in a week or so with another newsletter, which will include details about a recently released recording I’m on, an upcoming class for singers, and some duo gigs Ken and I have coming up that will be streamed online, so please mark your calendar from June 3 (8 pm ET) and June 7 (6 pm ET).

To be honest, it feels strange to write about things that in some ways feel trivial right now…but I guess we all hang on to “normal” as best we can. I hope you’re having at least some moments of “good normal!” Please take care of yourself.

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