Bio: My name is Zoë Huff and I am a recent graduate from Syracuse University, with a B.A. in Media and Technology. The majority of my internships over the past four years, have been PR/Communications-related. Most recently, I worked with the Assistant Dean for Advancement in Syracuse University’s Fundraising and Strategy Development office at the School of Education. The internship was project-based, with set deadlines, and a focus on skill acquisition. Skills such as InDesign and Toastmasters, among a few others. In the past, I have been published in the Mountain Heritage magazine, East Dutchess County Daily Voice, and The Harlem Valley News. Aside from my love for writing and speaking, I am a bodybuilder. My interest in fitness emerged at the young age of eight. This determination and focus with fitness, only grew. Now, I operate my own, small, personal training business. I started the business during my Sophomore year of college, after learning that I had peers that wanted help gaining muscle or losing weight. I also started the business because I am entrepreneurial at heart. I have an innovative mind that is constantly thinking of ways to fix problems, and I have an innate desire to lead and create. My ultimate goal is to combine my love for bodybuilding, entrepreneurship, and writing, in a way where I can thrive and grow, while helping others achieve a similar happiness within themselves as well.
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