Bio: Zinniah's mission is to increase human potential through ways of her career and charity. She graduated high school a valedictorian and a New York State licensed professional Cosmetologist, then studied Business and Economics at NYU and the University of Hawai'i. She now directs the New York based 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, The Zinniah Foundation, and works full-time on her beauty consultation business working with high profile clients like Vogue Italia, Tiffany's, and Nike. As executive director of The Zinniah Foundation (TZF), Ms. Muñoz dedicates herself to mobilizing the future generation of beauty and business leaders from marginalized areas in New York City, connecting youth and the growing ecosystem of beauty and business applications on an open, charitable infrastructure. Their mission is to dynamically and effectively unlock student's professional and personal potential . Career evolution is a process, and TZF team knows a lot about evolving. They also know creativity and support are assets in successfully managing talent, events, partnerships, and scholarships, and they change lives by producing amazing results. As an esteemed hairstylist and esthetician, Zinniah personifies professionalism, hard work, and loyalty. Her work aligns herself with clients who share the belief and understanding that the quality of the final product should be exceeded only by the quality of service. She continues to consult for leading companies like Warner Brother's, Marc Jacobs, and many other lucrative clients.
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