Bio: Vicki Koenig, MS, RD, CDN, is a Masters level Registered Dietitian specializing in Nutrition, Health Coaching and Communications. Based in the Hudson Valley of New York, Vicki has maintained a private counseling practice and consulting business for 20+ years. Vicki counsels people of all ages on Nutrition for Wellness. Specializing in successful weight loss and maintenance; she has coached clients to safely lose and maintain from 10 to 130 lbs.! This supports those with diabetes and heart disease. Vicki coaches clients to adopt healthy habits to move towards optimal health. Her programs are easily adapted to a Corporate Wellness setting. Vicki offers onsite Corporate Wellness programs to create a healthier workplace. With personalized goals and group incentives, businesses can have a healthier bottom line. Employees are more productive, use less sick time and insurance usage goes down. Working as a Nutrition Consultant to food companies like Stonyfield and Newman’s Own, HR departments of businesses, Schools and organizations, Vicki guides the nutrition message or product to meet the highest standards. Drawing on her experience and comprehensive knowledge of nutrition throughout the life cycle enables Vicki to have a broad perspective when consulting; allowing her to specialize in Nutrition for Wellness.
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