Bio: Mrs. Carelli has been involved in Alternative Education and Workforce Development programs since 1991. In addition to being a member of the Curriculum and Instruction team for the Kingston School District, she served as the Alternative Education Chairperson, School Counselor, Welfare to Work Counselor and Work Studies Coordinator. As a co-founder of Learner First, she combines both her corporate and educational backgrounds to impact academic achievement and positive youth development. Valerie serves as the VP of Student Services and CFO. In 2012, she managed the financial aspect of a $1.7 million company, served as the human resource manager for a staff of over 220 and was actively involved in seeking new business development. She was responsible for the SES activities in upstate NYS region and the integrity of student services and parent involvement initiatives for Learner First. Carelli has worked with the Learner First teams to design and implement 21st 2012 -2103 partnered with 93 schools in 42 districts and served over 2000 students and software solutions. The Learner First team developed SmartSES to improve the way that Learner First and other tutoring companies track and manage student attendance and progress. In 2012, they submitted a provisional patent for CORE, an innovative, comprehensive, all-in-one online data management system that provides administrators and teachers with real-time data to drive instruction. CORE generates unique learning profiles that track student mastery of the Common Core and other state learning standards. Learner First was a NYS leader in providing Supplemental Education Services which is a parent choice provision of No Child Left Behind where parents are eligible to receive free tutoring for low income students. Recently, Learner First has supported the development of Exceptional School to effectively manage and provide resources and consulting to charter schools and other public education instituions.
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