Bio: For DJ Lady Verse, simply being the premier female DJ in New York’s Hudson Valley doesn’t cut it. Her aim is much, much higher. Throughout her ten-year career the Woodstock-based spinstress has toiled tirelessly behind the decks, focusing hard on developing her impeccable song selection and airtight, seamless mixes; on honing her technique and use of sampling, scratching and effects to its current razor-edged perfection. Her objective? Just one. To be nothing less than the region’s best DJ—period. And it shows, night after night after night. For proof, just check the legions of orgasmically satiated dancers in the dozens of rooms that Lady Verse has rocked up and down the East Coast, from New York to L.A., Miami to the U.K. and beyond. “My main goal is to move the crowd,” says Verse “I like to mix it up. I spin anything from top 40, house, classic hip-hop, R&B, reggae, reggaeton, ’80s pop hits, whatever it takes to get the party going. I also like to play and perform my original tracks. It adds a live, organic element that you don’t get from most DJs.” Also an accomplished singer-songwriter (under the name Valen) with an innate understanding of music, Verse has a strong background in dance. She comes complete with DJ equipment and a sound system and is able to travel to gigs. So whether you’re talking clubs, parties, business events, or any other special happening you can dream up, DJ Lady Verse is ready and waiting to move your feet and blow your mind. Word.
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