Bio: Troy accidentally began writing his first story at age fourteen, and now, at twenty-two, is finishing it. In 2010, he stole his sister’s iPod, and the songs he discovered on it inspired him to write lyrics. After finishing the first stanza of his first song, he felt he had little potential in poetry/song writing, so he began writing his would-have-been lyrics as pros. It was two years working on that story, daily, before Troy realized that his obsession was, in a word, writing. Having spent the majority of his high school career working on his story, he chose, naturally, to become an English major. Troy is now going into his final year at the University of Florida where he’ll graduate with a BA in English, and a minor in Psychology. Troy’s writing focus is solely on his one personal project- the story he accidentally began at fourteen. He has a prequel and sequel in the works, but the purpose of those are to help expand and understand the world of the main story. He feels that his need to write his story transcends passion and is truly an obsession. He is dedicating his life to the betterment of his story and storytelling abilities, until it is finished (his personal deadline is the start of the Fall 2018 semester). His goal for his story is that it will become, for other struggling teens, the tool that he wishes he had, growing up. He owes his love of language and storytelling to his grandmother. Beyond writing, while in college Troy has been the lead in several plays, held a fellowship with Hillary For America, and was the Student Ambassador and President of the UF chapter of Entertainment for Change, a non-profit that promotes positive social and environmental change through the performing arts.
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