Bio: Tasha Cohen, Event Planner/Producer, has had the amazing opportunity to share her talents and skills with some of the most influential people in the industry. Her talents range from a vision to create a “dream come true” affair, to managing a smooth and timely event, foreseeing all possible obstacles before they occur. Her attention to detail and pride in a well-planned event helps add to her value. Her vision, values and integrity are a part of her success. Her creative development leads to an event that is not just an experience, but an opportunity to make memories. The majority of her business is on a referral basis with a long list of satisfied clients. While she has had many years of event planning experience, i.e. weddings showers, theme parties, corporate parties, fashion shows, talent showcases, and special events, Tasha’s real love is gearing young individuals not to be just performers but to be humble, honest and most of all be team players. Being a singer and actress herself and the mother of an up and coming child star, Tasha finds joy in helping him and other children within her community alike succeed in this business by helping to provide the necessary tools in order to further their talents in this industry. Tasha has always taught her son that in life you can’t always wait for an opportunity to present itself—sometimes you have to create your own. With this strong aspiration to help young individuals, she decided to create a platform called “I’M A STAR TOO” for teens & young adults with dreams of becoming a star, because she truly believes that all of our children are stars!!!
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