Bio: I am Takeema LaVal. I’m the girl from a small, but jam-packed, city across the way. I’m mistaken as the “shy girl,” but I’m just a person that likes to sit back and observe, evaluating my plan of action. My leadership skills are some things that I take pride in, like becoming a part of the L&V Gentile Leadership Center of the Buccino Leadership Program. I believe my communications are pretty good, and my time management skills are getting better, but admittedly a weak spot. Problem-solving is something I enjoy, because, no matter what, I will do whatever I can to solve the problem and get the job done. That may be why I’m always called the “mom” of my friend groups, but it may also be because I’m very compassionate, I put others before myself, and I allow myself to be there for people whenever they need me. I’ve always been known as “mature for my age” because of the way I carry myself and the way I react to certain situations that ordinary teenagers (or people in general) would not handle as well. Besides things about my personality and skills, I’m also an avid book reader. I love to read books and, nine times out of ten, will have a book with me to pull out and read. My love for reading has always been apparent, but until last year, I was not active in the hobby as much. I also love to listen to music. Music is my peace whenever I need a break, a party, etc.; it will be my go-to to calm my nerves and enjoy life. Dancing is also my getaway. Not only does it involve music, but it involves me moving my body, letting everything go, and being in the moment. Now for the simple things about me—I love chocolate. I’m much of a candy fan, my alone time is the most enjoyable time for me, I’m very passionate about certain aspects of life (and once I get going, it’s hard to stop). I’m working on self-control; I’m learning that as open-minded as I thought I was, I still have a lot to learn; and I know that I’m not perfect. That’s me, that’s Takeema LaVal. Nice to meet you!
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