Bio: Drawing on an extensive public relations and communications career, Suzanne Bronski delivers profit, nonprofit and agency world expertise to clients. From the PR agency Rubenstein Associates to the Fortune 500 company Avon Products, inc., she has successfully placed stories in national and international media outlets and co-produced highly visible events with mega-personalities such as First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Richard Gere, Barbara Walters and Lily Tomlin. Suzanne’s nonprofit focus includes the American Museum of Natural history, the Museum of the City of New York, The New York Botanical Garden, The New York Society Library, The New School, The McKelvey Foundation, the Robin Hood Foundation, and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Suzanne has worked on the other side of the desk in the media world as a freelance segment producer for a popular TV news anchor. For a live daily show in the major New York market with millions of viewers, she identified emerging trends, crafted human-interest stories and tracked down compelling interviews from Alan Alda to former Harlem kingpin Frank Lucas to undocumented workers who agreed to reveal their personal stories. She was also a senior archive researcher for VLAST (POWER), a feature film documentary that was the first film to delve into the arrest and trial of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, formerly the wealthiest man in Russia. The film has been selected for The Museum of Modern Art’s Documentary Fortnight Festival in February, 2010, the Los Angeles Film Festival 2010 and the Berkshire International Film Festival 2010. An MBA graduate, Suzanne currently consults for Phil & Co., a boutique public relations firm, which specializing in philanthropies and companies that are striving to do good in the world.
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