Bio: There are four things to know about Sunil Bhaskaran and probably much more. 1. He is the founder of the Global Meetup Mastermind - innovative and much in demand training to help you build an audience locally, regionally, nationally and globally along with opportunities to collaborate with Sunil's large audiences and his other generous partners. 2. He has a meetup organization of more than 72,800+ business owners and professionals in the Silicon Valley area of California. Growing internationally at at least 80 people per day - this rate is also accelerating. 3. He was a successful entrant in the Sharks Tank for Experts - for presenting "Using Meetup to Build a Large Business Audience". 4. He has been mentoring business owners and owning businesses since 1991. He lives in Santa Cruz, CA with his lovely wife and musical producer, Glenda Benevides and has been a radio show host, published author and an in-demand speaker. He is also the Director of Strategic Outreach for the Healthy Climate Alliance - an organization dedicated to restoring the climate to healthy levels for our future generations.
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