Bio: Studio Stu started his studies when his third grade teacher told his parents he had ‘special talents’. In a rush to get him into the biz, they enrolled him in the Sandy Lane Music School in Brooklyn. And seein’ as how this was the fifties, the instrument de jour was the accordion. After being thrown out of the Sandy Lane Accordion School for, “playing notes during orchestra rehearsal that didn’t exist,” he tried several music schools and instruments before settling on the washtub bass. Ever diligent to get the best sound from an eighteen dollar tub, he worked for years, investing his allowance on the best materials three dollars and fifty cents a week could buy, and finally, after years of experimentation, and with the help of master guitar maker, Lou Mancuso, he developed the Studivarious, a single string, virtuosic, ten-ply maple, washtub bass. Studio Stu performed on the subway platforms in NY, doing only one tune, ‘Take The A Train’. As the real A train pulled into the 34th Street station, chuckling tourists would inundate him with tips, and he became a NYC icon. Then a guy asked him to perform in his club in Brooklyn, and before you know it, he had an agent and they’re flying him in everywhere…coffee houses, jazz clubs, colleges, private house concerts; he’s emceeing at jazz festivals, doing radio, performing solo, with his duo, and trio. With his state-of-the-art Studivarious single string bass, unique Brooklyn humor, and unusual, hypnotic vocals, is a master…a one string wonder, combining a traditional folk instrument and a classic jazz form, to create a third thing. He takes the very best in classic jazz and originals, and twists and bends them into what he calls ‘evocative jazz & exotic lounge’. He is one in-tune, out-of-tune, offbeat, beatnik.
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