Bio: SGC, The Stuart Goldman Co., produces documentaries and secures distribution for third party content. Principal Stuart Goldman has initiated such high profile television titles as "Becoming Barack", covering President Obama's career before politics, which premiered on BET, and internationally. In addition: SGC initiated the acclaimed 10-part PBS series "Joseph Campbell Mythos." securing rights to the Campbell archive. SGC's recent production "Elvis: Summer of '56" is currently running on, Netflix and international outlets and features the oldest home movie of Elvis. As for brokered content, SGC has secured North American digital and DVD distribution for over 300 feature films. In addition: over 1000 hours of television programming, including the long-running TV crime series "Forensic Files"; the classic "Teddy Ruxpin" kids series; PBS' "Great Museums;"; Deepak Chopra's "Grow Younger, Live Longer"; the legendary "Soupy Sales" TV Show; PBS' "Big Comfy Couch"; and over 200 hours of Hearst Entertainment programming such as the "Popular Mechanics For Kids" series. Specialties: Non-fiction programming.
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