Bio: Spencer Drate/Judith Salavetz are award-winning Creative Directors, Designers, Authors, Radio Personalities, Curators, Writers and Artist Representatives. They have designed iconic albums for famous musicians, including 22 inductees in the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, are included in the MoMA and Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame permanent collections and showcased in many other major museums and galleries. They have curated gallery shows and serve as Film Judges and Board Members for “The Southeastern International Film Festival”. Spencer writes for Punk Globe Magazine and interviews the famous. They have authored 21 critically acclaimed pop-culture books visually driven and regularly host their worldwide pop-culture radio show, “The Indie Café”. Spencer was a four-time Grammy judge (1989-1992) on the album packaging committee and nominated for a Grammy in album packaging co-designing "Talking Heads-Fear of Music" in 1979. This album cover was in a 2015 MoMA show "Making Music Modern." Spencer's iconic designed Ramones albums are in the Ramones 40th Anniversary Exhibitions at the Queens Museum and GRAMMY Museum in 2016. Both profiled/interviewed in major media and books.Spencer is an ambassador and a member of Max's Kansas City extended family.
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