Bio: I am a writer/editor/journalist with more than 25 years of editorial experience, and have written for nearly every type of medium and client - from businesses and nonprofits, to print and web publications, broadcast news, and fiction. In the realm of journalism, I often write about food, wine, Spain, the arts, and environmental issues, and my work has been published by outlets such as The New York Times, Gourmet, Wine Enthusiast, and Saveur (where I was a deputy editor and editor-at-large). I've also written my first novel ("So This is How it Ends," about the Spanish Civil War), which my agent is shopping around, and I serve as the Spanish interpreter for chef Ferran Adrià during his visits to North America. In addition to my freelance writing/editing work, I currently serve as the editorial director of the Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists, and I provide a range of copywriting, editing, and naming services to various nonprofits, corporations, and entrepreneurs. Past clients include Target, General Mills, the James Beard Foundation, and the Rainforest Alliance, where I was previously the director of communications and currently serve as an editorial consultant.
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