Bio: Shelley Simpson, originally from Michigan, has lived in Florida and DC. She trained as a teacher and ultimately went to law school earned her JD summa cum laude. She is licensed in MI and FL. Before her appointment as as the Assistant Dean of Students at the Detroit College of Law (now Michigan State University Law School) her practice concentrated on representing people with AIDS/HIV and abused and neglected children. She was a member of an interdisciplinary team of doctors, lawyers and social workers focused on family wellness issues. Moving from law to politics, she worked on federal, state and local campaigns including two presidentials. She served as the Deputy Chief of Staff for a Michigan Congresswoman and also worked for a Florida Congressman. She worked on healthcare policy at the AARP and on social policy at the Human Rights Campaign. Upon moving to NYC, she worked in local politics and has held positions in two City agencies. While working for the City, she was introduced to the JuicePlus Virtual Franchise. Already in love with the JuicePlus products, owning a JuicePlus franchise made perfect sense. She loves offering a simple solution to two complex problems – maintaining optimum health and enjoying financial security. She knew the importance of good nutrition – having learned that in her law practice and, of course as a Mom. After working on health policy and then seeing first hand how quickly one illness and an economic downturn can negatively impact personal security, becoming a network marketing professional was an easy decision. Starting part time, it soon became clear that the JuicePlus business was her full time passion. Married and blessed with 4 amazing grandkids, she loves using her her teaching skills and experience to help others identify and achieve their dreams.
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