Bio: Sharon L. West is a Reframe, Master Certified Health Wellness and R1 Recovery Coach specializing in organizational communication, mental health, relational dialectic, ridding effects of implicit bias and branding for corporate, family and individual care. Her professional experiences includes, obtaining a BA in Communication Arts, creating company wellness programs, project designing, educating prime- timers in aided natural medical adherence, being a Facilitator and Trainer Trainer with the 1199 Education Fund. Her current social works are being a Sagejoy mentor and online health consultant- health coach for UPIC Health's free service to assist women suffering with emotional, nutritional or social concerns during the new COVID 19 ongoing environments. Sharon also spent time with a record company as its Director of A&R and being the CEO of a video film production and marketing company, in fact, she is a current member of Women In Media to make for new projects expressing the importance of communication and mental health illnesses. One of her most favorable accomplishments was being co-responsible for the only cultural arts center in Northern Manhattan with Dr. Jorge Pina, LMHC, LPsyA where her MightyDreamer Angel Project lived helping to alleviate stress in youth and the community via music programming while teaching both stage presence and how to write plays about community concerns or stress-related issues within its under-served population. Sharon believes in fighting for social inclusions, environmental causes and against social disparity: one reason she advocates as a Job Coach for those with mental challenges and opted to be one of the Health Educators for childhood obesity suffers in the Harlem Children's Zone. Her various transferable skills she shares with The Flobel Foundation as an advisor, openly for she believes in the numerous, timely and timeless missions Flobel and other advisors emit. “The Flobel family and organization's social agendas align with my concerns and passions to help assure, all have access to abundant lives via peaceful, safe environments, meaningful careers and a true sense of purpose, as well as, respect in or for their life's journey.”
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