Bio: Sarah is the epitome of a brand ambassador with her pride in company representation, clientele relations, strong networking skills, management, and always developing positive strategies to exceed expectations. She has been involved in various positions within the event and entertainment industry for 10+ years including; Merchandise Management, Assistant Tour Management, leading Video/Photography teams, Event Planning, Sponsorship Sales, Business Development, Project Management, Social Media Management, and much more. In addition to this, she has had 5+ years as an Executive Assistant to CEOs with a project management background where she was consistently entrusted to conduct compliance reviews and even balanced and reconciled 16+ financial accounts for executives. She has managed marketing and business development for firms grossing a million+ per year using her knowledge of creative problem solving in that which was entrusted to manage and launch aggressive growth plans. Originally from New York, Sarah left to pursue her dreams of graduating from her dream school, The University of Texas at Austin, where she did with a BS in Public Relations as well as an AS in Business. She has since returned and lives in NYC to continue to expand her professional goals with a hope of obtaining an advanced corporate career in the entertainment business. Her passion for travel, sports, and volunteer work take the majority of her free time as she continues to be an active part of her community within her home state.
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