Bio: DIVORCING??? -- You know how getting divorced takes a very long time, costs a lot of money, and requires you to take time from work to attend numerous court appearances? I solve this. I help couples divorce quickly and navigate the matrimonial courts so that they can separate their assets, develop a parenting plan that works and determine support obligations that makes sense. GETTING MARRIED? -- You know how statistics show that many marriages end in divorce; and while you may be excited about your upcoming wedding, you want to ensure that your marriage is a success? I solve this. I work with couples preparing for marriage by helping them to define the life they plan to build together including discussing the important issues now, so that they have the foundation upon which they can deal with challenges they will face in their marriage, and writing their plan in a prenuptial agreement. REAL ESTATE -- You know how there are many moving parts when buying or selling real estate and if any one of those things do not work out, then your deal may not close? I solve this. I work with buyers and sellers of all kinds of real estate - coops, condos, houses, new construction, vacant land, townhouses. I help you to get through each phase of the process. I am available to answer all of your questions, solve any issues that arise, and get you to the closing table.
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