Bio: I’m author/writer/editor/consultant/professor/performer [see name above] who’s been honored to contribute to DC, Image, Topps, and Atlas Comics; write for the best-selling Destroyer paperback series (which inspired the Remo Williams movie); act as associate editor for Starlog, Fangoria, and Famous Monster magazines; serve as New York animation editor for Millimeter magazine; become a long-running columnist for The Armchair Detective magazine; and go on to write a bunch of novels (The Incredible Hulk: Cry of the Beast, Doomstar, Fear Itself, Dirty Harry: Duel for Cannons, Year of the Ninja Master, Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms: Murder in Halruua, among others) and award-winning non-fiction books (TV Detectives, Murder on the Air, The Great Science Fiction Films, The World of Fantasy Films, etc.). Then, in 1978, I discovered kung fu movies. Finding no credible books on the subject, I wrote it myself. Since then, I have written two more, scripted the Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Movie documentary, became columnist for Inside Kung Fu and Asian Cult Cinema magazines, served as inspiration, consultant, and/or talking head for TV shows and movies about martial arts media from America, through Europe, to Asia; supplied audio commentaries, interviews, liner notes, and/or cover copy to more than 300 international DVDs; led seminars at colleges, pop culture conventions, studios, and networks; and been inducted into five international martial art halls of fame. As an extension of my research, I also studied martial arts and practiced kung-fu for forty years. Naturally I have slowly mutated into a teacher as well, whose specialty is helping students not defeat themselves (as Bruce Lee did). I also became Santa Claus, but that’s a whole ‘nother bio. You can find out more at and Be nice.
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