Bio: Raised by eccentric parents in little Washington, NC, Rebekah Davis never quite fit in. Every summer she chased opportunities while visiting relatives in the big Apple. The first gig she got was as a dancer on the set of an anti-smoking commercial for the state of New York. The summer after she graduated high school, she became a personal trainer and real estate agent in NYC. Nobody believed that she was only seventeen at the time. Without a college degree, Rebekah finally acknowledged what her best friend had been saying all along, that she was a self-made Renaissance woman! She made a bold move, opening up Christmas stores in malls across America. Her customers often remarked that she could sell ice to an eskimo. Although slaving away during the Holiday season was financially rewarding, it was not fulfilling. Every January after closing up the stores, Rebekah traveled and volunteered around the world. Through these real life experiences, she quickly determined that health is wealth, and most importantly, life is much better when helping and sharing that knowledge with others. After a short stint buying and selling homes in Florida, Rebekah moved to beautiful Western North Carolina where she is hard at work applying her business skills to the holistic world. At her one stop holistic shop, Rebekah offers alternative treatments to all, and believes that no one should be refused services on the grounds of financial limitations. Rebekah feels right at home in Asheville, NC and is eager to give back to such a deserving and wonderful community!
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