Bio: Dr. Ravish Patwardhan is a neurosurgeon (M.D., U.C.L.A), practicing for 10 years performing routine and novel neurosurgical procedures; he holds several related licensed patents. He subsequently earned an M.B.A. from N.Y.U, with specializations in finance and leadership; he has worked as a Vice-President within J.P. Morgan's private equity division. He has served on numerous local boards, including the local Chamber of Commerce/related businesses and several philanthropic organizations. He has actively supported the Clinton Global Initiative, Robin Hood (New York City), and Community Renewal International, and founded the Re-Vitalize philanthropic foundation for medical disorders. Honors awarded include the Outstanding Young Alumnus, being named among the best physicians in region, Outstanding Young Professional among 40-under-40, and his practice was named among the Best Small Businesses. Personal interests/goals include photography, piano, learning new things, and meeting interesting people.
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