Bio: Mucho Gusto! I most commonly use the name I work under Rameek Grant Pressley. I am a self directed artist based in L.A. and NYC. Infused with the DIY spirit I began to gain notoriety at an early age as an actor, filmmaker, musician, stage manager, comedian, talent coordinator, & event promoter. I am the founder of Plutopian Media LLC. I have coordinated and produced several live concerts. I have years of teaching improv theatre and live studio television production. I have performed and my work has been presented at venues including The Players Club, La MaMa, NYNW Theatre Festival, Clearview Cinema (Bowtie Cinema). I have worked for Bronxnet Cable Television Network, Faux-Real Theatre Company, and Panasonic. As well having the honor to work with The Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation in a recent staged reading. My goal in my career is be a good representation of my Guatemalan & Belizean culture because we are rarely represented. I want to share our culture but also show those of my descent we can do it too & have a voice. If you share my belief all that's need is an idea, a subject you care about, or that we can learn from each other. I'd be elated to talk to you.
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