Bio: But a few Orthodox Jewish homes, tucked away in an inner pocket of Brooklyn, are starting to make their own Friday evening routines surprisingly high-tech. Because their Shabbos is going “smart,” as the Orthodox parishioners install connected homes: pre-programmable smart lights, smart outlets and smart thermostats. Rabbi Shmary Gurary is leading the charge. Gurary, a short man with a characteristically thick Orthodox beard, lives with his wife and three little girls. Gurary says his family often celebrates their Shabbos with guests who join his family around their long, wooden table for a meal. Having smart tech installed means now there's just a little less for them to do around the house on Friday afternoons. In the shuffle to prepare meals and light candles, with one click in a smartphone app, he's got their Shabbos lights queued up and the thermostat set. Read more:
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