Bio: I've embraced social media as a "wisdom platform." After all, I didn't live a long time to not know things. Longevity has its benefits. I am in the business of supporting hemp and cannabis brands that focus on wellness and older customers. In addition to consulting services, I facilitate market understanding through co-branded events, publications, podcasts, and speaking engagements. I am a grandma who has evolved and is thriving because I remain open to change and innovation. This is reflected in the content I create for firms that range from dispensaries to travel to health and wellness firms. I have traveled the world, created experiential retreats and adventures, and coached midlife women to help redesign the next level of their lives. I manage a vital community of more than 200 Mid-life women and host a series honoring marginalized older women called Legends Among Us. We are sometimes asked, "If you knew what the future would bring what would you do now?" My response is I would learn to make sense of how plant medicine/cannabis is essential to living a qualitatively improved life. Transforming the way brands talk to baby boomers and older customers by creating trust and increasing sales. #cannabiscommunity #wellness #olderconsumers #babyboomers #plantmedicine
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