Bio: Norena has amassed a coveted database of musicians, celebrities and iconic brands that only legends in entertainment possess —- although most haven’t endured the roller coaster of entertainment iterations with the same aplomb. She does lots of things -- and she does them all really well. Norena is a Talent and Event Producer, a Voiceover Artist, a Host, an Activist, a dancer and can connect people like nobody’s business. From Aretha Franklin at Carnegie Hall to teaching dance to Foster Kids at summer camp, she tackles her life and her work with love and passion. Known as the velvet hammer, while disarming you with her charm, she waves her magic wand and always closes the deal. Her affiliations with RayBan, Gibson Guitars and Hard Rock Cafe remain forever like a classic song you can’t stop singing. Together with artists who stand up for those who can’t, alongside the underserved, she reveals her softer side. She loves to volunteer and In an effort to inspire change, she created, hosts and produces THE GIVE, viral videos that feature celebrities who walk the walk and the charities they are most passionate about. The world calls and she answers —creating a tapestry of talent to move people and lift communities through programs that are forever changed by her work. You can find Norena in the grittiest East Village speakeasy or the Sunset Marquis, but one thing is for sure— you’ll always find her.
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