Bio: Before her life in the entertainment world, she got a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Science from Pace University in New York. She worked in sales and marketing for companies like Phillip Brothers (Salome Brothers commodities branch) and Microsoft, where she worked for over 12 years, among others. She left the corporate world and decided to make a dramatic change in her career. She moved to New York for the third time in her life, this time to study acting. Today she is a full-time actress, writer and producer. She has worked in over 30 films, TV shows, many commercials and plays. She has appeared in movies like the venezuelan film "The Zero Hour" which won many international awards and was featured for over a year in HBO. Last year she performed in an Off-Broadway play at Theatre Row in NYC called "My Mother's Severed Head" , where she played the character of "Mother". This play was produced by Bruce Willis. She has been nominated for best supporting actress in England's "Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival". She also created a project called ACT FEMININE by Nana. The vision is to “Create a Movement Where Women and Men Collaborate, Cooperate, and Co-Create Their Shared World Together." This project was inspired by her own personal journey. This project will soon evolve to include men. She feels there is a huge crisis in the world right now impacting people's lives, relationships, and the planet which can benefit from this vision.
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