Bio: Nadine Christine Hamdan is an accomplished comedy writer, producer and entrepreneur who has sold several screenplays and is working as a sitcom writer. As the creator and producer of “The World’s Greatest Unknown Comedian”, one of the largest Internet talent competitions, she learned about the importance of the Internet. She is the Executive Producer and head of development of “Hollywood’s Master Storyteller”, now in it’s 9th year. It was through HMS that Nadine learned the importance of marketing and publicity. In 2007, she gave birth to Euphoric Media Group, a large publicity division that represents A-Z listers. Nadine and her partners took on social media and began designing large scale websites that would utilize a mix of mainstream publicity and built a PR and Marketing company that reaches over 700 million people a year. Nadine is working on four simulcast productions with the most prestigious guests in HMS history, and launching one of the largest live digital distribution deals in Hollywood. Nadine teamed up with Doug Schwartz (creator of Baywatch) to develop several TV shows that are currently at the networks. She has 3 projects in full development, including one with E! Entertainment. She’s teamed up with Rachelle Carson Begley (“Living With Ed”) for “Pampered Girls Guide to Green”. Currently in development with Euphoric, Nadine’s slate includes “The Glamorous Life”, “Find Me A Friggin Husband” starring Cloris Leachman and “Fitness Model Factory” and “The Model Mom”, “Who Is Jose” starring Jose Canseco, “Naughty Looking For Nice”, and “Aircrew TV”. On the sitcom side, Nadine has created “The Crooner”, “Exposed” and “The Straight Lesbian”. As one of the most connected people in LA, Nadine is described as an “outlet” that anyone can plug into and reach the Hollywood decision makers. Building, branding and creating relationships is what she is all about.
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