Bio: Monica Bennett is a Certified Reflexologist, Certified Life Coach, and Bachelors in Naturopathy. After receiving a bachelors in Naturopathy, she was drawn to the art of reflexology and believes this healing power can help people become healthier and more in tune with their body, mind and spirit. Monica has also been a horticulturist for 22 years and loves how nature restores balance in life. She has come to see that just like roots are so important to the plants’ health, our feet are important to our health and well being. They root us, and keep us connected to all of life’s energy. Reflex-zone pressure is a powerful technique to keep us healthy. The feet mirror the image of the body and contain, neurologically speaking, the same elements that make up the body as a whole. Each foot corresponds to exactly half the body. The secret is simply to soften all of the hardness and knots in one’s feet and put them in good working order again by reflexing them. This will activate the organs, lead to better blood circulation, help balance the distribution of nutrients, and promote the disposal of waste products, which will lead to a healthy, ailment-free body. Reflexology can help alleviate a broad range of acute and chronic health problems. Along with realizing how important it is to take care of one’s body, Monica also became aware that the mind must be receptive to growth and be open to receive the benefits of wanting to be healthy. This is crucial for any healing to occur. By helping people overcome blocks and resistance, new ways of thinking can open this channel for allowing the flow of positive energy to vibrate through and to you creating harmony and a relaxed state of being. Being a life coach gives me an opportunity to assist people to live a full and rewarding life.
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