Bio: 20 years old and heading to college in the fall after a year’s respite from school, is a lifelong animal lover who has an extraordinary way with them. She has always had one pet or another, and has worked for years as a volunteer at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary upstate, which cares for maltreated and abandoned farm animals. In high school she worked with search and rescue dogs, visited old people with dogs to cheer them up, and volunteered at Kittykind, a cat adoption service (from which she adopted a pair of cats herself). She nursed and fed a motherless young kitten for its first six months, teaching it to come when called and to follow her around. Currently she lives in Brooklyn, where she cares for a pair of pit bulls, dogs so fearsome looking they intimidate most people, but whom she treats with calm affection. She hopes one day to work as a veterinarian, and meanwhile is seeking opportunities to work or volunteer in any capacity at a vet’s office.
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