Bio: Mr. Piazza has worked exclusively in the private investment banking and mortgage industries serving clients throughout North America and internationally. He is primarily responsible for securing commercial loans to and for borrowers with funding sources represented by our conduits-major foreign banks, US banks, insurance companies, and other institutional and private funding sources. He has developed a strong knowledge of European, Caribbean and Central American markets. Mr. Piazza researches and maintains relationships with financial institutions that specialize in appropriate funding of areas that address the needs of our clientele. He oversees the management-consulting services with respect to our client’s corporate operations, finances and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to entering the investment banking industry, Mr. Piazza established an expertise in corporate communications and public relations, specializing in the concept through completion of media campaigns for corporate exposure on both television and radio. Early in Mr. Piazza’s career, as a broadcast news professional, he anchored, wrote, edited and produced news for all three divisions of CBS Radio, Inner City Broadcasting, Air America Radio and wrote for The Today Show, MSNBC-Radio and Good Morning America. This unique talent coupled with financial background, has given him the ability to communicate the needs of our clients in the most succinct and effective manner, thereby reducing response time from correspondents, conduits and others in the financial community.
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