Bio: Michelle Kuykendall, writer, producer and talent manager has worked in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. She is a very experienced, knowledgeable individual, with a proven track record of creating, developing and pitching solid projects to networks and studios. She has also worked during this time to establish and build long term working relationships with other industry professionals; while working to create and attach talent to projects for funding, development, and distribution since 2005. Michelle has also been a talent manager since 1999 and worked to market and promote talent on a national and regional level. In addition, she is a published author and has conducted seminars for new actors, which train individuals on how to actively pursue and develop their television and film careers, and teach parents how to promote their children in the film, television and music industry. Her passion is to motivate and inspire through writing, mentoring and teaching. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree In Counseling and Human Behavior from the University of Alabama, Birmingham and works in the educational field with children with special needs. Michelle is currently seeking a position and relationships which will help to strengthen her commitment to building strong industry relationships, while developing quality film and television content. She also wishes to remain committed to education and to those in need.
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