Bio: Michel’s creative spirit combines with a deep understanding of technology and human psychology. Michel has been mingling creativity, technology and psychology since childhood. Exposed to these worlds growing up, (His mother in fashion, father a musician and pioneer in psycho-acoustics) his fascination for these subjects is deeply rooted. Living in Los Angeles since 1999, Michel began his time in L.A. as an actor, intensely studying the human condition researching psychology, neurology, eastern and western philosophy. Moving in to film production in 2005 his passion for storytelling blossomed. In 2007 his first feature film, One Day Like Rain was completed and nominated for the jury prize at the Seattle Intl. Film Festival (the largest fest in the US) thanks to the success of his low budget marketing and promotion plan. “ODLR” went on to several other festivals and recognitions. Michel was also owner of a computer services and web design company for 3 years, managing a small team of designers and technicians and studying the effects of the web. One day in early 2008, he had an epiphany: The future of creativity and intelligent marketing is based on technology. Why not take these worlds and bring them together? And thus, Mingling Media was born. Michel has a passion for creating customized solutions for clients that engage with their target clientele and make the most of what the digital age has to offer. He also sits on the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative Action Committee and In his personal life Michel is an avid world traveler, “Big Brother” and Sunday yoga teacher.
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