Bio: Michael is an honors graduate of New York University and a native New Yorker. He has worked for years in award winning media such as podcasts and documentary films. What Really Happened? A podcast hosted by Andrew Jenks known for his award winning films Room 335 and Dream/Killer. Michael assisted on this podcast produced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Seven Bucks Production by compiling research and providing editing consultation for episodes prior to release. In its first year, What Really Happened? climbed to the very top of Apple’s charts for most listened to podcasts. More recently, Michael has spent time working for HQ Creative, a commercial and documentary film company. HQ Creative’s notable works include Natsanat which is a documentary that has garnered awards and recognition in over a dozen film festivals around the world; including, the Africa World Documentary Film Festival and Canada International Film Festival. He worked with HQ Creative by providing research and analysis for commercial and documentary projects as well as review stock footage and music that were to be utilized during the production process. Michael is conversationally fluent in both Spanish and Italian; he is also a first generation American of Ukrainian descent. His mother’s story of fleeing religious persecution is what inspires him to tell impactful stories which lead to reflection.
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