Bio: My introduction into Production came by way of playing guitar with various bands in the tristate area. By 1985 I started doing session work for producer Terry Phillips. By 1989 I meet Producer Godfrey Diamond (Aerosmith, Andrea True Connection) and opened my own Recording Studio in Park Slope Brooklyn. I took what I learned from Terry, Godfrey, and Eddie Kramer (Hendrix) and combined it into my own style of Production / Recording. I started recording mainly Hardcore rock, one of the bands CANDIRIA became critically acclaimed, one of the Records I produced for them was named One of the 10 Most Important Metal Albums EVER by ROLLING STONE. By 1994 I developed a relationship with Columbia A&R extraordinaire James Diener. (OCTONE RECORDS / MAROON 5) I recorded several projects from Columbia (Jimmy) including East Village Punk legends D-GENERATION and Michael Hilfiger. By 1999, Forbes Magazine wrote an Article about how I was able to make Competitive Sounding Commercial Records at a fraction of the costs! I had a dozen or more songs I had produced on various MTV, and Mainstream TV (DAWSON’s CREEK & NIP/TUCK.) I worked on a Rock Project with Living Colour’s lead singer COREY GLOVER. I then met one of the best drummer’s I’d ever worked with FRANK FERRERA ( GUN’S -N-ROSES) Actually, Frank and I did a number of projects together, and I’m mentioned on GUN’S -N-ROSES “CHINESE DEMOCRACY” CD. Recently, I have focused more of my energy on SONGWRITING. Already having produced & mixed other Artist’s songs for some 20 years, I decided to start Writing, Producing, Playing and Mixing my own songs, which to my surprise are being widely received in the Industry. My Studio Doors, and my Heart will always be open to any Artist who is serious, hardworking, and of course Talented.
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