Bio: Mel Miller is the Artistic Director of Musicals Tonight – a not-for-profit theater company dedicated to the revival of classic, but neglected, musicals in staged concert form. Since 1997, Musicals Tonight has revived 80 representatives of America’s most unique art form - the musical comedy. In addition, the company has fostered a stand-by and understudy concert series (At This Performance…) which is about to begin its 12th season. To date, showcasing the under-appreciated talents of over 700 performers. Change has been the trademark of his vocational endeavors. Originally trained as a Chemical Engineer (BS/MS Columbia University), he worked in R&D for the Procter and Gamble Company (4 years). Earning an MBA (at night) from Xavier University, he became a marketing consultant for IBM (6 years). Three years of “casting about” (while inventing a tennis instructional device; inventing an automotive testing service; taking graduate literature courses), lead to a 7 year career at Yankelovich, Skelly & White (marketing consultants). Hanging out his own shingle, Mel was a focus group moderator for over a decade. Then came Musicals Tonight. And 5 years ago Izzy and Moe entered my life. Adopting two loving animals has re-enforced my conviction that nothing is more worthwhile than giving.
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