Bio: Maxime Zahra, MSHN, CMP has a Masters Science in Holistic Nutrition. Through her business, Prasad Nutrition, Maxime provides a Functional Medicine approach to Holistic Nutrition, Conscious Health and Life Coaching, and Transformational Bodywork to bring deep healing and nourishment to people with diverse needs and concerns. Her clients achieve freedom from addiction and cravings, protracted withdrawals from prescription medications, chronic gastrointestinal distress, allergies and intolerance conditions, pain and slow wound healing, and mood and sleep disorders. She has apprenticed with master herbalists, medicine people and ceremonial leaders from many different walks of life. Maxime is a practitioner and teacher of Native Science, integrating ancient wisdom and healing ways for resolution to the demands of our present-day conditions. A catalyst for collective healing, in individual and group work Maxime engages and empowers through her passion for creative collaboration and non-hierarchy, inspiring awareness of the universal consciousness which nourishes the body, mind, personal and group soul. She has shared her gifts in cafes and communities, in sweat lodges and women’s circles from Kayumari to Oakland to Sonoma County, at events such as Northern Nights Music Festival in California’s Mendocino Redwoods, to the First Transpersonal Festival in Milan, Italy. She is available to work with clients in person as well as long distance, via phone and skype, and enjoys speaking and leading workshops, ceremonies and community healing circles.
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