Bio: Martin Hill hails from a small town in Scotland called Kirkcaldy. From a young age he expressed a keen interest in music. When he was 13 I started playing bass and from there played in several bands throughout High School. After High School Martin spent three years studying Music production and Sound engineering at the Adam Smith College in Fife. In that time he was regularly working with bands running live sound and working in college recording studio, which was run on a Pro Tools HD system with (at the time) the brand new D-command control surface. Mr.Hill’s course taught him a number of things about audio engineering, acoustics, Live sound reinforcement, music business and the need for professionalism when dealing with clients no matter the situation. He also developed excellent problem solving skills, which he believes can prove to be an audio engineer’s most important skill. After graduating college Martin then spent a year at Glasgow Caledonian University and received a Bachelors Degree in Audio Technology with Multimedia. This course allowed him to gain valuable skills in not just audio but also a grounding in video editing, web design and computer programming. Since receiving his degree, Martin Hill have been working as Assistant Manager at a paintball site in Edinburgh and teaching Karate. For the last two summers he has been running the Recording studio in the rock music departments at French Woods Festival For the Performing Arts in Hancock, NY. In this time he has been able to greatly improve and sharpen his recording and mixing skill. After his contract is over in September, Mr.Hill will have no other work commitments and would really like to remain in America and pursue a career as an audio engineer.
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