Bio: Business and management consulting- Marcy J. Gordon is a highly experienced attorney with many years of providing sound business advice and strategy to her clients. Marcy has a broad range of experience as an attorney, entrepreneur, project manager and technology procurement professional. Marcy’s advice has saved her clients untold amounts in time as well as money. Marcy has advised start-ups as well as major Wall Street financial services firms. Marcy has been a computer consultant, software developer, technical writer and software entrepreneur. She has advised and participated in major business transactions, including a $4-billion asset sale. Marcy has a proven ability to win client loyalty. Even while working as an attorney, clients repeatedly came to her for business advice and strategy. Marcy has been an attorney at Commodore Business Machines, Prodigy, Globix, Merril Lynch, Shearson Lehman Brothers, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and UBS, as well as at an intellectual property/technology boutique firm (Brown, Raysman & Millstein) and a major law firm (Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal). She has represented buyers and sellers, and did a legal internship with a defense contractor, negotiating US government contracts. Marcy has done a variety of techology, licensing, and general goods and services contracts, including major outsourcing arrangements and telecommunications agreements. In addition, she has done trademark work, advertising agreements, construction contracts, utility contracts, HR agreements and a variety of data services agreements in the financial services industry. Marcy is admitted to practice in Pennsylvania and New York.
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