Bio: Aloha! My name is Marc Lopaka Ketcham, a small town Hawaiian film editor based out in the land of dreams: Los Angeles. Being surrounded by my beautiful environment in Hawaii has encouraged me to express myself with the art of filmmaking. I began using a GoPro to capture surf videos that were cut to music, which in turn taught me timing, rhythm, and what my passion was... I realized I had the power of basic storytelling through editing. The most rudimentary snapshots my GoPro could record, turned into cherished films that drove me all the way to California to pursue a career in Filmmaking. In the past 5 years I have been involved in the independent realm of post production, running myself as a one person army "fix it in post" film editor using AVID Media Composer and Premiere Pro. Nonetheless, I've fostered skills in Pro-tools, Final Cut and other software and fine tuned my narrative editing skills taking courses such as FilmEditingPro's Action Editing program and earning my BFA in Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. Its been very nice meeting you and I hope to talk soon! Mahalo, MLK
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