Bio: Lonnie Hughes began his career at MTV Networks, while pursuing a psychology degree at Adelphi University. Recruited as an on-air dancer, he transitioned into an executive role in casting, while gaining exposure for his performances on the hit show, CLUB MTV. He became a network spokesman, representing the show in live and television appearances, including “The Ace Awards,” the Joan Rivers Show, Rick Dees, Into the Night, and the Phil Donahue Show. Mr. Hughes soon became a regular entertainer for private events, on-air interviews, and publications, including People Magazine, The Daily News and Post Newspaper. Building on his experience as an entertainer, leader, and entrepreneur, Mr. Hughes brought his brand of authentic inspiration to the entertainment industry. In addition to appearing in TV series and movies, including ER, MAD MEN, and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, he began writing, developing strong minority voices in several screenplays and a novel, Hollywood Junkie. He produced and directed Hollywood Junkie as a 10-minute short film called “ANONYMOUSLY FAMOUS,” which was featured in, Talent in Motion magazine, garnering him the title “The Renaissance Man.” He has been a co-director on several projects, including “DRIVEN,” and most recently completed a provocative coffee Table book, “When was the last time you were Nice to someone” with illustrations and interviews from random strangers. TALKING TREES, his first full length play will be opening this fall in North Hollywood for a six week run at the Secret Rose Theatre. Lonnie’s strong belief on collaborating comes from his Caribbean grandma, summed up in this catchy phrase…”One hand washes the other but two hands washes the face…” He looks forward to being of service.
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