Bio: I founded Ecodeo to create positive environmental change using the power of film, video, and cross-platform video storytelling. I am passionate about connecting audiences with climate solutions. I believe we have all the innovation we need to arrive at a climate stabilized future. I am passionate about implementing the right storytelling and communications strategies that will bring us toward a more stabilized climate. I have worked as a key creative, executive producer, communications director, creative director, documentarian and filmmaker over the last 15+ years, most recently working more at intersections of business, community, audience, and sustainability. I am about collaborating with key decision-makers to translate complex messaging into useful brand stories, advertising, promos, mini-documentaries and multimedia content, including short-form videos and animations, conceptual and mini-documentary video packages. I have worked as a digital consultant for The Institute for Sustainable Development, a reporting services team for the United Nations, and has since produced a growing body of content aimed at amplifying climate solutions & The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs). I have also worked on the National Digital Team as a Director of Photography for US President Obama’s 2012 historic re-election campaign famous for its digital strategy and one the most-watched YouTube channels earning > 700+ M views at that time. Additionally, I have worked behind a lens for 15+ yrs on award-winning films, documentaries, and broadcast syndicated shows and as a creative lead on various content projects, movies, documentaries, and broadcast syndicated shows, some that earned International Film Awards, raised funds, created measurable impact and audience with the right distribution models. I'm a Gemini, sailor, hiker, dog-lover, and lives to unplug, cycle, run, hike, camp or disappear into ecosystems off the grid. I am based in NYC and frequently work out of the Oakland / SF Bay Area as well.
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