Bio: An adventuresome spirit and gifted storyteller through the mediums of music, books, podcasts, art, and spoken word, and a legal scholar with an intriguing personal story. Lillian is a noted trademark attorney, producer, as well as a classical pianist, composer and singer. She earned her BA from The Colorado College, and JD from Hastings College of the Law. Lillian was a Senior Strategic Negotiator of IP Infrastructure at Walmart, served as Lead Negotiator for Procurement at Girl Scouts USA, and as general counsel to a venture capitalist. Lillian first appeared performing as a child in Myron Floren’s Christmas specials, and was selected into both the Church of Notre Dame and Brazilian Voices Chorus’. She has been a guest commentator and storyteller, and speaks on intellectual property. By the age of 15, Lillian’s work in fashion illustration was displayed in the Denver Museum of Art. She founded and served for a decade as Chief of Sahara Organics, the first company to merge main-street with eco-fabrics. Lillian penned multiple articles exposing dangers from bio-engineered genes in cotton crops, and about industrial hemp. She co-founded Mother’s Milk natural lifestyle e-zine, earning the sponsorship of Mothering. Her e-book of short stories can be found on Amazon, The Mermaid Chronicles. Always willing to lend a helping hand, Lillian worked pro-bono for a year in distressed communities, and continues helping creatives with using her skills as a trademark specialist. “I became so disillusioned by the treatment of those with HIV before it became a protected disability, that I exited western society, prayed through endless purification ceremonies while studying with a religious historian, seeking the meaning of life for me, and a more pure way of life. I am who I am today because of those experiences.”
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